The most fascinating art from the finest artists in the nation.
Bijuar Art Gallery

Thea Rossi Barron Gallery With a sketchbook and paints at hand Thea Barron enchantingly portrays the land of her ancestors.
"The color and antiquity of Italy"
Jacquie Fulton Gallery A bold colorful style imparts a european feel to Jacquie Fulton's florals and scenics.
"Visually absorbing and breathtaking"
Tom Hirata Gallery Nationally recognized and award winning wildlife artist Tom Hirata's paintings come alive with emotion, richness and incredible detail.
"Striking reality beyond all expectations"
Mike Johnson Gallery With simplistic clarity Mike Johnson creates realistic pen and ink drawings that capture the southern character of times gone by.
"Visions of the past brought to life"
David Yontz Gallery Through the exceptional interplay of light and shadows David Yontz captivates your senses with his traditional watercolor realism.
"Charm and character with a striking presence"

800 x 600 + maximum colors
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